About Us

About Us

What is ThirdCultured?
ThirdCultured is a private network connecting the nomadic population of the world. ThirdCultured connects people whom, as children, have spent a significant period of time in one or more culture(s) other then their own. Members manage their personal life and make meaningful connections through our unique social networking tools.

Membership is invitation-only
In order to keep the authenticity of the network, we have chosen to employ an invitation only platform. We have accredited certain ThirdCultured members as Mega connectors with invitation rights to grow this platform in a contained manner. You may request an invitation by applying for membership and explaining why you think you are eligible to join this network. We accept all sorts of TCKs, such as; Army kids, missionary brats, business brats, global nomads, cross cultural individuals, diplomat brats or parents of TCKs.

Within the ThirdCultured community, you can:

  • Availability: Interact with other members by requesting to have a coffee, drink or to share a couch.
  • Travel: Meet other members who are traveling to the same area by updating where you’re heading next.
  • Piazza: Integrate other social networks to your profile and view an array of feeds
  • International Schools: Manage your schools, raise brand value and give back through a donation button.
  • Exclusive Ecosystem: Socialize and maximize the outcome of being a participant in our community.


    Rick Shant Koletavitoglu
    Managing Partner

    Rick was born in Washington D.C. USA to Armenian/Turkish parents. After going back and forth in-between the US and Turkey, Rick was finally able to set roots in Istanbul at the age of seven. He attended Istanbul International Community School hereon till his graduation in 2007. During his eleven years in the school, he had the privilege of traveling to many different countries and interacting with various nationalities. He soon began to understand that there was an existing society of multinational individuals whom where constantly on the go with no way of staying connected with one another.

    After high school, Rick attended American University in Washington D.C., majoring in international management. Throughout his four years in university Rick would experiment in numerous entrepreneurial stunts ranging from club promotions to business consultancy. As Rick approached his final semester of University, the idea for ThirdCultured was born. A dark night amidst the hollow cold of the winter, he decided it was time to create a platform that objectifies to create roots for the world’s most nomadic population. It was about time to set an end to the sense of belonging everywhere and nowhere, and ThirdCultured was born.
    C. John Koseoglu
    Managing Partner

    John was born in Istanbul, Turkey to a French descent British mother and a Turkish father. He finds himself fortunate to celebrate both Christian and Muslim holidays.

    John graduated from the Istanbul International Community School in 2007. He finds himself very lucky to have received a great education in an international school which has inspired him to excel and to be inquisitive, creative, compassionate, balanced and internationally-minded.

    At an early age John has been actively engaged in leadership and entrepreneurship. John was elected as the Student Council Treasurer of his international school which allowed him to expertise in entrepreneurship at age 15 which was only the beginning. After numerous club and event promotions in his early years of university, John decided to take the initiative to create ThirdCultured.com for the betterment of the world.

    John is currently pursuing his undergraduate business degree in Istanbul Bilgi University. His network of loyal friends, co-workers and relatives occupy every corner of the Earth.

    Mega Connectors

    Nicolas Akavi
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